Celebrity Ages: How old are they?

Jennifer Lopez – Date of birth: July 24, 1969 Blink and next thing you know, Jennifer Lopez is almost 50! Celebrating her 48th birthday earlier this year, Jenny from the Block is still going strong.
Andrew Garfield – Date of birth: August 20, 1983 If Andrew is now 34… that means he was 29 when he first played schoolboy Peter Parker in Spiderman. 29! Now that’s some good acting.
Lucy Hale – Date of birth: June 14, 1989 She may be the star of a teen drama, but don’t let that or her baby face have you thinking she’s yet to hit her 20s. This one is now 28.
Gwen Stefani – Date of birth: October 3, 1969 It might seem like yesterday that Gwen was dancing around the stage in a short tartan skirt and bleached blonde hair singing “Ain’t no Hollaback Girl” – but the pop star has just celebrated her 48th birthday.
Pharrell Williams – Date of birth: April 5, 1973 Don’t be fooled by the dreamy college boy looks and smooth voice – Pharrell is actually 44 years old.
Halle Berry – Date of birth: August 14, 1966 Surprise, Halle Berry is in her 50s! Bet you didn’t guess that. The X-Men star is now 51.
Alyson Hannigan – Date of birth: March 24, 1974 She may now be 43, but to us, Alyson will forever be known as the cute band nerd from American Pie who had a little too much fun with her flute.
Jennifer Aniston – Date of birth: February 11, 1969 Okay, the fact that Jennifer Aniston is 48 is making me feel old. I mean, Friends is still a thing, right?
Jared Leto – Date of birth: December 26, 1971 If you’d asked me to guess Jared’s age. I’d say 30. Maybe 35. And most definitely not 45. Insane.
Diane Kruger – Date of birth: July 15, 1976 At 41, Diane’s super stylin’ shows no signs of slowing down.
Rose Byrne – Date of birth: July 24, 1979 If we could all look as good at 38 as Rose, then bring it on I say. I’m ready for you.
Alexis Bledel – Date of birth: September 16, 1981 Gilmore Girls’ Rory Gilmore is all grown up – with Alexis Bledel turning 36.
Sarah Hyland – Date of birth: November 24, 1990 If there ever was a baby face! Can’t quite believe it, but Haley Dunphy from Modern Family is now 26. How? When?
Rachel McAdams – Date of birth: November 17, 1978 Another one who just doesn’t seem to age. Rachel, oh Rachel. You lookin’ mighty fine at 38.
Jane Fonda – Date of birth: December 21, 1937 Jane Fonda just does not age. I mean, the girl turns 80 this year! Now that’s inspo on heat.
Harrison Ford – Date of birth: July 13, 1942 The man who just seems to get sexier the older he gets. Just me?! Harrison is now 75.
Sandra Bullock – Date of birth: July 26, 1964 Dayumn girl. Sandra might be 53 years old – but we’re hoping she’s still got at last 30 years of rom coms in her to keep us satisfied…
Martha Stewart – Date of birth: August 3, 1941 The queen of all things homemade and handmade, Martha Stewart is definitely not letting age get in the way of a booming empire. Martha is 76 years old.
Nicole Kidman – Date of birth: June 20, 1967 Aussie superstar Nicole is now 50 (in fact, so is husband Keith Urban). Am I the only one that is blown away by this? Crazee.

Sofia Vergara – Date of birth: July 10, 1972 Give me strength. What’s in the water over at Modern Family? And can I pleaseeeee have some too?! At 45 years old, Sofia is age-defying.

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