The Best Crêpes in Oslo,Norway!

While in Norway and more specific in Oslo and you’re desperately looking for dessert or a breakfast lunch just visit Creperie De Mari at Grunerlokka.Crêperie de Mari was first established in Oslo in 2010 by Alex and Mari.Whether you’re hankering for a buckwheat galette filled with goat’s cheese, fresh greens, walnuts and a bit of honey or a sweet crepe with Nutella sauce, this is one of the best, or maybe the best place in Oslo. Crepes are one of the world’s great democratic foods. They’re inexpensive, often portable, and remarkably adaptable: as easily enjoyed by meat eaters as by vegetarians, and ranging from hearty and simple to lofty and gourmet.

 In short, they make a meal that few people would claim to genuinely dislike (including picky kids). The crepe is versatile too—it can just as easily be enjoyed in a posh restaurant as it can be gobbled down in a paper napkin walking down the street.

Here are some of our favorites crepes you can find there!

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