Norway Prime Minister Fined 2,000$ for Breaking Lockdown Rules!

 NRK,a norwegian newspaper accused Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg of breaching her own government’s coronavirus rules during a birthday celebration in Geilo.
 Norwegian police said on Friday they have fined Prime Minister Erna Solberg for breaking COVID-19 social distancing rules when organising a family gathering to celebrate her birthday.

The fine is for 20,000 Norwegian crowns ($2,352) police chief Ole Saeverud told a news conference.

Solberg’s status tips the balance
At a press conference today, the police explained that her role as prime minister in the midst of a national health crisis was an important factor in the case. Solberg did not attend the dinner, but has been fined for her role in its organisation.“Although the law is the same for everyone, not everyone is the same. It is therefore considered appropriate to respond with punishment in order to maintain the public’s trust in the infection control roles. Solberg has therefore been fined NOK 20,000 for arranging the dinner,” said Sæverud.

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